Choosing the best News Aggregator for Linux

When it comes to News Aggregators (RSS Feed Readers) under Linux, you’ve got dozens of different applications to choose from … Ones that come with shiny GTK/QT interfaces and others that are console based … Ones that are shipped with CooL features and others that follow the KISS(Keep it Simple Stupid) rule. One way or another, I hope that this article will aid you in choosing a proper News Aggregator.


Liferea is a fast, easy to install and easy to use News Aggregator for GTK+/GNOME … It can inform you about news using pop-ups, it also allows you to organize your feeds in folders, it uses a 3 pane simple interface and it has a neat panel notification icon.


Straw is a news aggregator for the GNOME 2 desktop … It heavily depends on Python … Takes some time to install owing to the large number of dependencies it needs … Though one of the features I love about it is the ability to keep or delete the news with a single click.


Raggle is a console based News Aggregator written in Ruby … Has customizable keybindings, OPML export/import, themes, Screen support and Browser auto-detection.